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Welcome to Graph Marketing. With over twenty years designing and developing applications and data solutions on a wide range of platforms, we are now bringing this experience to developing exciting and engaging applications for iOS devices. Check out our current applications on the apple app store.

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Junumble Slide

Create beautiful puzzles from your own photos. Piece your photos back together again by sliding tiles into the correct positions. The puzzles can vary in complexity with different grid sizes and depth levels. The game comes preloaded with puzzles using a selection of stunning images from photographers across the globe.

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Junumble Swap

A Tile Puzzler created from a series of beautiful images. Swap the tiles with their neighbours to recreate the images. Create new puzzles using images in your photo library to unjumble your own memories.

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Available now

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Junumble Slot

Coming soon.... A new version of Junumble where you solve the puzzles by slotting missing tiles into spaces in the grid.

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